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    Why are they called volunteers? They volunteer to defend the Constitution of the United States with their lives. In doing so, they become the property of the United States. They no longer have most of the rights we enjoy. A cop or a fireman can choose to not show up at work one day and quit. Military personnel aren't given that luxury. They are "public servants" in the strictest sense of the term in that they follow the direct instructions of the state and society.

    A "mercenary" is little better than a privateer. They are not bound by the same code as military personnel. They are not loyal to the United States, but just whatever money they are promised.

    Your average soldier is a regular guy who has been put in a difficult situation that was intentionally made impossible by grasping plutocrats. That some of them are inevitably dehumanized by their experiences isn't a stain on their character, but rather on the fatcats who lie to us and throw away the lives, bodies, and minds of volunteers simply for some zeroes on their bank statement and a larger yacht.

    It's a black bloc staple that all policemen and soldiers are no better than thugs hired by the ruling class and they point to aberrations like Abu Graib or Rodney King to make their case. It's a simple and fantastic argument that is as simple and fantastic as Dubya's view of the world.

    •  What is a black bloc? (none)
      Just curious about the term.  I'm also curious about the idea that people who join the military are "regular guys".  Many of them are.  But just what is a regular guy these days?

       If one is a member of an economically oppressed class and joins the military for a chance to break out, isn't there a pretty good chance that the  military will encourage channeling the anger caused by that oppression into hatred of the enemy?  Isn't it likely that the self-selection caused by the "volunteer" army will cause a preponderance of those who look to violence as a solution to enlist in the armed forces (Graner,for example).  Doesn't the relaxation of recruitment standards point to a greater number of ill-educated and ill-adjusted individuals who are also inexperienced in dealing with cultures other than those of their immediate surroundings?  

      There is an ugly and violent streak in the American culture which has been encouraged by our current political masters, and it behooves us all to guard against it wherever it manifests itself.  Loyalty to country is only valid when the country is loyal to its citizens.  I believe that is called the "Social Compact" and it is the theory upon which Democracy rests.

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