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View Diary: "Professor" Limbaugh Explains Climate Science And The Global Warming Hoax (65 comments)

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    "The question for mankind is -- will this be our Waterloo? Do we have the ability to adapt to the new climate we're creating? Or, better, can we find a way to reverse the damage we've caused?"

    Another Great Plague, population shrinkage by 30-50%. Enough so that lots of land can go back to forest and maybe produce the weather effects that extensive foliage cover produces. A population count that can survive locally, where ever local is.

    Also reduce demand for the ever harder to get natural resources. Potentially by extensive recycling and salvage. If society slips too far backwards who is going to write the Canticle for Leibowitz? To maintain our society takes the technology of our society, not the technology at the cusp of the Industrial revolution or before.

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