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  •  Perhaps California could lead the way on this (0+ / 0-)

    A state initiative to be voted on by the public to declare a moratorium on gun sales in the state until a solution to selling guns to the mentally unbalanced is passed.

    Of course, if it is passed then it will be appealed to the courts and possibly making it to the Supremes.

    if SCOTUS does not want to take it on, then all future massacres can be placed at their feet forever.

    •  Guns Everywhere Georgia forbids databases of guns (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      kathy in ga

      The standard BATFE (aka "ATF") form 4473 invites a gun buyer to self-declare if they are too mentally askew to own a gun, or if a court has adjudicated them to be mental, or if they are a felon. (Some rural Georgia Counties don't bother to log felons in to the "computer base" NCIC database…Crazies, or newly become crazies will get guns, if they have cash. (see and read the background check/FFL dealer gun buyer form at

      With "Guns Everywhere" here in Georgia, why would anyone with malicious intent buy from a dealer and have to wait, and pay sales tax? Just get a gun from the "want ads" if you are into old fashion capitalism, or from a gun show, or over any web site, if it's an in-state seller. Guns are so in your face here. We lose a few kids every month.

      While the Forsyth Courthouse was attacked by a guy who had dozens of guns seized in an earlier felony arrest, was of Cumming, a crazy shot at cops, then SWAT, then got his hand shot as he shot again out the window. He called 911.

      Southwest of Cumming, in Cobb county, a women shot her husband dead in a Kroger parking lot and then killed herself. Cops kept the store open, so grocery shopping wasn't affected while the investigation and washdown was completed. Only two dead, not a mass incident, yawn…or was this crazy?

      The crazy has been ramped up for years by the GOP politicizing guns and violent rhetoric and calling any disagreement in ideology a mortal threat to [whatever].

      Guns are everywhere here in Georgia, thank to the GOP. Libraries and health care, not so much.

      Out new Guns Everywhere forbids a state database of concealed cary owners. Why doesn't some new or newly interpreted federal law override that crazy clause?  Isn't not getting shot or shot at a civil right?

      It's getting so crazy here that firefighters are getting bullet proof vests:

      "Commissioners have approved more than $344,000 to buy nearly 300 bullet- proof vests for firefighters saying it's a sign of the times."

      Georgia Congressmen Broun raffled an AR-15 for publicity a few weeks ago, and Congressman Collins calls the 2nd a "God given right". Seems these gun nuts are from the "pits of hell" to paraphrase Broun. The mass shooting at FEdEx didn't kill anyone but the shooter, so we have these things here everyday, and they don't make much news…guns are a GOP political token. Life doesn't matter.

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