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View Diary: My Husband's Health--The News Wasn't Good. (265 comments)

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  •  I admire you for facing and feeling (11+ / 0-)

    all the pain and turmoil in your life, irishwitch.  Sometimes it is helpful to get the anger out and knock down the brick wall of frustration.

    I do not believe in prayer.  I once heard a sermon by a young Boston minister and he explained his rationale for not believing in prayer - as it is like asking a parent for special favors when everyone needs special favors without begging for them.

    You are strong and wise.  It comes through in your words and your manner of writing your thoughts.  You are very strong, I would say.  To not deny the very painful and face it exhibits a strength that is wonderful.

    I do wish for you and your husband - a good outcome.

     I am considering a heart catheterization for the very same reasons - and - I have an AAA (Ascending Aortic Aneurism), @ 4.7 cm. I am afraid.  My PC Dr at the VA sat me down last week and asked "Why are you so afraid when this will be so helpful to you."  I told him I researched it and now know that it has definite risks.  I am over 65 and have never had any surgeries.  The idea of a possible open heart procedure is horribly frightening.  But I agreed to make a decision on the catheterization.  Still fearful though.

    Peace & Love

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