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  •  I do fine with lizards--they're baby dragons and I (2+ / 0-)
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    Ahianne, Kit RMP

    was given a particularly brain-damaged turtle one eyar. I flew him home from college in  tupperware container with holes in it. He escaped his cage and headed for the high country and COnn,. winters aren't good for reptiles.

    Barnnabas and Morticia were kinda cool. She was an excellent dancer and Barnabas after Dark Shadows (the cuddliest, sweetest vamp i=on the planet and it fit) was so much more scared of me than I was of him, I sorta had to like him. When I was little I was cool with garter snakes but a nasty kid chased me around age 8 with a 6 ft long black snake, and it left me in terror.  I relized fianlly it wasn't the snake's fault. It eas the asshole's, but snakes stiill squicked me no end.

    The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

    by irishwitch on Thu Jan 16, 2014 at 11:22:55 PM PST

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