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View Diary: Dead for texting: the Florida movie theater killing (21 comments)

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  •  Your point about the other movie-goers' aborted (4+ / 0-)

    rights to view the movie due to the shooting is dead on.

    Seems a much more plausible reaction (stoopid, immature, but at least non-lethal) to express displeasure/outrage would have been to go purchase a huge tub of popcorn and throw it back at the texting "attacker".  You know, that ole "eye for an eye..." thing.  Or, he could have whipped out his own phone-piece and began to out-text the texter.

    Of course, two un-armed popcorn throwing-texters could have then caused all the other movie-goers to feel "threatened", resulting in many more weapons being drawn/employed as they all stood their ground at the A-OK Corral.  

    Somewhere, somehow, this license to legislative-sanctioned murder has got to end.

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