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  •  not "based", just grew like Topsy. (3+ / 0-)

    from all their roots.

    i remember in grad school the heated discussion about DEscrpitive versus PREscriptive dictionaries, and the new official unabridged dictionary of France (new at the time) creating near riots over the intentional refusal to include borrowed words, especially from english. (riots in france, not in my grad school).  the argument was that the dictionary was prescriptive in order to prevent deterioration of clarity.   compariing it with random house dictionaries of the american language, i reeeelly see their point.

    most if not all languages are evolutionary (i.e., not the engineered ones like esperanto - i recently saw a movie on tv in esperanto ... stuuurrrrange), 'tho i may be overinterpretting "based".  probably we all meant "rooted"?

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