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  •  "Gateway" was/is part of the Drug Warrior (3+ / 0-)
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    mythology ...

    The Drug War. going back to its roots in 1906  has been typified by bad science, bad math, --  and bad faith   It's not surprising you'd pick up some misinformation, if you weren't paying close attention to the issue.

    Let me recommend  David Musto's classic work on the subject  

    The American Disease, Origins of Drug Control

    Now,  about "working out dosing" ... yes ... that's a good idea  so that the taxation of marijuana more closely parallels the taxation of alcohol ... more active ingredient, more tax revenue.

    But medically?

    Much of the point of  of smoking cannabis rather than using one of the cannabinoid oral pharmaceuticals is that the patient controls their own dose according to their own body's  needs of the moment.  

    The idea is to "use less" ... The goal: "more relief, less "high".  A  puff or two or three from a pipe gives much better control than swallowing a fixed-dose pill.

    A good many patients report that oral canabinol medications are either ineffective for their symptoms, or involve their being more stoned than they want to be more of the time than they're willing to be stoned.

    But this  idea: letting the patient strike a balance between the "side effects" ( euphoria, disinhibition, diminished balance and coordination, and so forth)  ... and the therapeutic value  is utterly alien to too many "mainstream" physicians.  vide: the resistance to using Patient Controlled Analgesia  (the "Pain Pump") by non-surgical patients, and those LIKELY to recover.

    The authoritarian traditions of control and restriction that the medical profession inherited from their 19th century Professors is still with us --

    "Tracking the 'fifth symptom', pain, does not necessarily mean actually alleviating it"  -- my mother's anesthesiologist."

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