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    Habit and evolved human instinct are not our friends, which is why the prospects for success seem so dim to me.  What would it look like if humans suddenly learned to be content with enough, to produce what we need rather than what we are compulsively driven to produce?  Why does it seem unthinkable for Americans to live with an average house size of less than 1,000 sq. ft, as it was in the 1950's?  Because it is a fact that happiness is relative, that doing better than one's neighbors is an instinct, that wanting to move constantly "forward" is a product of natural brain function.  Yes, humans have developed technologies for addressing these challenges to survival, notably the practice of meditation, but these technologies are hardly taken as serious, much less essential to survival of the species.  Is it possible for humans to realize that we can use our advanced capabilities in manipulating the world in order to have more free time to improve the quality of our lives and those of others in our community?   Is it possible that we would choose to provide a reasonable living standard for all so that much motivation for crime and violence drop away?  It is possible, but it is very, very, very unlikely.

    Secrecy is a hot bed of vanity. - Joseph Brodsky They who have put out the people’s eyes reproach them for their blindness. – John Milton 1642

    by geomoo on Fri Jan 17, 2014 at 10:51:23 AM PST

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