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  •  Actually, it is not worth going to the trouble (17+ / 0-)

    to unsubscribe because they will just re-add you in a month or so anyway.  Better to just set up a filter to automatically send those emails to the trash/spam folder and be done with it.

    You have watched Faux News, now lose 2d10 SAN.

    by Throw The Bums Out on Thu Jan 16, 2014 at 11:47:03 PM PST

    •  I created another e-mail account (6+ / 0-)

      and use it as a repository for this kind of mail, with the exception of receipts for purchases and delivery info because I want to be able to track these.  The separate account saves me from wading through a spam folder for the occasional important e-mail that lands there.

      Most commercial sites will take you off their list of special offers, etc. if you ask them. I have had no problems in that regard but do resent the fact that even when I opt out of these  communications unrelated to my purchase, they start sending them to me anyway.

    •  Actually, it IS. (10+ / 0-)

      A reputable organization or company will respect the unsub request and not mail you again.  Most nonprofits follow standard practices in this area and will not re-add you.

      Save the "this is spam" clicks for dis-reputable organizations that you NEVER gave your permission/subscribed to.  (Many political candidates on both sides unfortunately fall into this group ... they seem to think it's OK to just email a bunch of people that never subscribed to their list.  FAIL.)

      When the level of spam clicks reaches about .1% to .3%, ISPs begin to block or send to spam EVERYTHING coming from that IP address and/or domain.  It's a brutal ecology but generally it works and bad actors get weeded out.

      So, if you like an organization, have interacted with them in the past, but now just don't want to get their emails...please respect their processes and use the unsub link.  Save the "this is spam" clicks for the true spammers.  

      (I happen to know these things because I handle deliverability for a 3-million-plus email list.)

      All the children of your children's children, do you ever think what they're going to find? Make tomorrow, today...

      by willy mugobeer on Fri Jan 17, 2014 at 06:27:48 AM PST

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      •  However many political organizations are not like (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        that and will resubscribe you from other organization's lists so you sign one petition and you will end up getting resubscribed to hundreds of organizations that you have already unsubscribed from.

        You have watched Faux News, now lose 2d10 SAN.

        by Throw The Bums Out on Fri Jan 17, 2014 at 07:55:14 AM PST

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