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  •  145.5 today, right on target (2+ / 0-)

    Though it hasn't been as consistent as previously.  Back in November scale-watching seemed to indicate that I might have gained a real 1-2 pounds over the preceding month or two.  (If it was real, I blame my mother-in-law's ever-increasing portion sizes she serves when I don't keep a firm hand on it by actually refusing some of what she serves me, which is unpleasant.  They need to go back to my brother-in-law's house soon, it's been six months, and I want my kitchen back!)  At any rate, I then proceeded to get a stomach virus, a cold, and a nasty 2-week cough back-to-back-to-back, completely lost my appetite for most of December, and lost 5 or 6 pounds, more than I would have wanted to.  I've spent the last month deliberately gaining that back and would seem to be in the ballpark for the last week or so.  Close enough anyway.

    I often see it stated that maintenance is more difficult than losing, but for me it hasn't been.  The extra 500-plus calories per day I get to eat in maintenance make a big difference in terms of how much effort I need to put into what I eat and when I eat, and still be comfortable.  It's been pretty easy.  I think the danger of maintenance for a lot of people might be simply the contrast with how they were eating while losing weight.  I haven't changed a thing except for portion sizes, so it's no big deal.  And other people may simply get tired of the effort -- I fashioned my whole plan on making it as easy on me as possible, so there's not much to pay attention to there either.

    I did have some concerns and anxiety right at the beginning of trying to maintain.  Increasing calories is a little scary, and takes more effort than I would have expected.  But that phase only lasted a month or so.

    Of course I'm only on 7 months so far, so we'll see!

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