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    I wonder about my own loyalties to my country of origin. I'm certainly quick to point out prejudice and misinformation about America when I hear it. It goads and stings at a personal level.

    I suppose I react that way whenever I hear people spouting nonsense about a subject I know something about. Occasionally I react that way even when I know less about the subject than the spouter.

    How do you think your loyalty to the good ol' USA is manifested? How do you express that loyalty? And what does the term loyalty mean in real terms?

    I wonder about my own answers to these questions.

    I think back to Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 and recall his statement about all the people who had just died for their country. I'm sure he was thinking about the USA but I think the statistic was that people from 78 different countries were killed in the attacks. What annoys me most though is that nobody that died that day except the dumb terrorists were thinking "what I do, I do for America!" A firefighter doesn't charge into a burning building for love of country.

    I have a lot of relatives who served or are serving in the US military. I feel the desire to defend and protect but I think about the thousands of men and women, essentially boys, like my father once was, and girls who eagerly signed up to strike back after our own modern Pearl Harbor and died off in the desert halfway around the planet from home. I wonder about their sacrifice. Could I do that?

    I think the whole "War on Terrorism" is misguided and will never eliminate the root of the reason why America has become a target. In fact, I think it has become another reason for terrorists to attack America. What better recruitment tool than a drone blowing up somebody's wedding... like a mini-Pearl Harbor. A small 9/11...

    I guess I can't see myself wanting to defend that. Misguided foreign policy-- it hasn't earned my loyalty.

    Would I be asked to declare loyalty to the Czech Republic, to supposedly be ready to die at the whim of a ragtag bunch of idiots similar to the amoral twits running my own homeland?

    Homeland, there's another good one. My home is here in the Czech Republic. I haven't lived in the USA for over 20 years...

    I think I'm ungoing a sort of crisis of faith.

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