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View Diary: Rand Paul compares not getting his way to Jim Crow and internment camps (151 comments)

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  •  Some examples of Republican majority rule... (6+ / 0-)

    tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that cost the US hundreds of billions in lost revenue, giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry costing retirees their life savings, deregulation of the banking industry that brought upon near global economic collapse, two unpaid for wars that cost thousands of American's lives and trillions of dollars and on and on and on. A few examples of what Republicans do just when they hold a majority in the House...millions of hungry children stripped of food stamps funding, manmade economic crisis after crisis, thousands upon thousands of jobs lost due to unecessary sequestration, Government shutdowns, the protection of unneeded taxpayer money going to the MIC, oil industry and Big Agriculture and on and on and on. What does majority rule for Republicans at the state level look like? Attacks on abortion, unions and voter rights as well as public education, the denial pf Democracy by handing small governments completely over to cronies, deregulation of big industries and lower if any corporate tax funds and on and on and on. What has the Democratic majority done that is so egregious in Paul's myopic eyes? Offered affordable healthcare to millions of Americans, averted total economic collapse, tried to protect the neediest Americans from Republican economic ideology and on and on and on. Fuck you Little Randy!

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