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View Diary: From 'I don't want any part of Obamacare' to 'It's a godsend' (155 comments)

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  •  For-profit insurance (5+ / 0-)

    inflates the cost immensely. Pre-ACA over a quarter of all HC dollars were skimmed off by this parasitic industry.

    "A lie is not the other side of a story; it's just a lie."

    by happy camper on Fri Jan 17, 2014 at 06:02:35 PM PST

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    •  This is flat out untrue. You have (0+ / 0-)

      been taken in by a skillful lobbying group. That doesn't even make sense.

      Overall administrative costs are about 7% and that includes the insurers' profits as well as all the apparatus for paying claims etc.

      I'm asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about real change in Washington ... *I'm asking you to believe in yours.* Barack Obama

      by samddobermann on Sun Jan 19, 2014 at 04:14:56 AM PST

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      •  Links, please? n/t (1+ / 0-)
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        "A lie is not the other side of a story; it's just a lie."

        by happy camper on Mon Jan 20, 2014 at 06:13:57 AM PST

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      •  Admin and Profits (3+ / 0-)
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        Stentor, FDRfan, JerryNA

        One provision of the ACA that went into effect a year ago required insurance companies to pay rebates to policy holders if their cut of premiums collected exceeded a certain percentage.  The ACA requires 80% of premiums to be paid for health care costs for individual and small group policies.  For large group policies, it's 85%.  Of course, several states are filing for waivers - but the 7% figure you're citing is apparently incorrect.

        "The French have no word for entrepreneur!" G. W. Bush

        by bbuudd on Mon Jan 20, 2014 at 11:56:53 AM PST

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