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View Diary: Drought emergency in California raises stakes on fracking fight (13 comments)

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  •  interesting video from texas re fracking (13+ / 0-)

    where towns are going dry, and video shows people, who love big oil, start to change minds now that water is gone from fracking and drought. people who did not get climate change before, now are thinking climate change might just be hitting them with the drought.

    hmm. youtube took the video down. i wrote about here: (and video still at this link at guardian)

    A town in Texas suffers water shortages, partially due to climate change impact of drought and also due to fracking, which uses up to 8 million gallons of water each time a well is fracked. Barnhart, Texas already ran out of water. Prayer circles to pray for rain are held as perhaps 30 communities face running out of water by the end of this year. Authorities scramble to truck in water and build pipelines to save these communities.

    In the video below, women talk about how it hurts to run out of water, to not be able to bathe themselves or their grandchildren.  After losing the water, community members are angry at the frackers for stealing their water, because without water they cannot continue live in their own town.

    One man says that it amounts to two words: "Greed" and "money." He wants restrictions on oil companies that amount to the government telling them to "shut her down."  A woman asks, "Why can't I have a say?"  She notes that oil companies don't understand because they did not have to turn on a tap that is dry. Another man says that the water level keeps decreasing:  "I guess our atmosphere is changing."  

    One landowner who does have water on his land has been selling it to energy corporations for tracking, and he is now "fighting a legal battle with the county to resume selling water to fracking companies." Even he admits: "Seems like the climate is changing, not only here but all over the world." He says he's not sure it's due to global warming, but that that might be a "good excuse" for it. "I'd hate to see it go on for 10 years and then we really realize that's what it was."

    A woman then points out that if the water is gone, so is their town, and asks, "Why do you think the people of this town should be quiet about it?"

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