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  •  hannah is no administration apologist (9+ / 0-)

    Gates did scale back the Pentagon.

    Obama has slowly and cautiously backed us away from the disastrous overcommitments made by Bush & Cheney.  Of course, I understand many here think he has been too slow and cautious.

    look for my eSci diary series Thursday evening.

    by FishOutofWater on Sat Jan 18, 2014 at 12:17:42 PM PST

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    •  I was responding primarily to the claim (8+ / 0-)

      about the content of his book.

      I never had any illusions about quick exits or Gitmo closings - I never believed that Obama would have the experience or prowess to pull radical or fast change off.

      However, I was hopeful before the start of his Presidency that he might select his military strategists from the Democratic rather than the Republican team.  

      Gates' book was basically a foregone conclusion the minute Obama asked him to remain.  The only reason that we haven't seen something along the same lines from Petraeus is that he left under a cloud of disgrace.  

      There were a number of high ranking military officials that resigned under the Bush Administration out of protest over the Iraq War.  That's the pool from which I would have drawn.

      There's a lot of rationalization that goes on around here wrt this Administration especially on the military front.  People have a right to their opinion, but I definitely think that claiming that Gates is just trying to sell books completely underestimates the very serious problem we have amongst the high ranks of our military.  Gates' comments in his book and the timing of his book make it pretty clear to me that he does not hold civilian leadership in anything near high regard.  He calls Snowden a traitor effortlessly and without even thinking about it while it is perfectly clear that the man has little regard for democratically elected officials.

      I am one of the few people around here who doesn't really feel all that protective of the President.  I am not personally wounded by Gates' remarks about Obama, Clinton or Biden.  I am outraged by his attitude towards democracy and scandalized by his decision to publish the book before the sitting President has left office.  But I am not surprised because he is a Republican and the Bushies picked their insiders carefully - also not surprised because he clearly does not believe in democracy - if he did, he would not have published his book at this juncture in history.  Whatever Obama's motives were in continuing to keep Bushies around his Administration, it wasn't super smart on his part.

      Befriending a bunch of snakes thinking that they would not attack was dumb.  Five years this has gone on and here we all sit acting like it is okay - like it is good enough.  Those are the lies we tell ourselves - at our peril.  It is not good enough.

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