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  •  Late to the party this morning (15+ / 0-)

    because I had to shovel this -

    Haven't seen the surface of the street in front of my house since, well, pretty much all winter.

    Sigh ....

    I know it will pass but damn - this winter is killing me.

    The Hawk showed up again this morning.

    Look to the left -
    Hawk 1

    Look to the right -
    Hawk 2

    Take off -
    Hawk Flight

    He caught himself a tasty sparrow from inside the mock orange. My backyard wildlife doesn't seem to realize that bush can't protect it from predators higher up on the food chain. More than one sparrow has met his maker in there, as have a few rabbits, although the last rabbit tried to keep going and ended up stuck in the chain link fence, and when I say "stuck" I mean stuck, as in unable-to-get-free-and-dying-there, only to be found by me as I drove out of the alley at 6 a.m. and noticed the carnage that I couldn't dislodge in the time I had before work, which resulted in a loooooonnnnnng day of stewing at work then arriving home determined to do what I had to do to remove the dead and mostly frozen critter from the fence. The fence remains intact; the rabbit not so much.

    Polar Vortex Part Deux is scheduled to arrive next weekend and bring us another round of sub-zero highs and lows in the -20s.

    Yee. Haw.

    Sigh ....

    Out with the gloomage - in with the plumage!

    by mikidee on Sat Jan 18, 2014 at 10:05:30 AM PST

    •  Shovel? (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Frankenoid, mikidee, estreya, ladybug53

      I hope by "shovel" you meant "snowblowed!"

      •  Nope - I shovel this. (5+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Frankenoid, estreya, jayden, kishik, ladybug53

        I have a snow-blower (thrower, actually) but it's a pain in the butt to use it. The walk from the house to the garage has two steps. There are three steps from the house to the walk to the street on the side. There's no sidewalk on the long side of my lot, so I have to haul the snow-blower up the street to get to the boulevard sidewalk and the walk from the front of my house to the boulevard sidewalk. It's more difficult to heave-ho the snow-blower than it is to just shovel.

        I've been trying to get the city to put in a sidewalk on the long side for 6 years - kids walk down the boulevard (there's a school a half a block away) so grass won't grow, it looks like crap, and the ongoing erosion has messed up a tree that really needs to be removed (it's the city's responsibility). I'm totally okay with the kids walking on a sidewalk rather than in the street, even if it means there's more to clear off in the winter. "They" keep telling me they agree it needs a sidewalk but then my request gets lost in the bureaucracy and I have to start over. I'm starting earlier this year - and will schedule a public hearing if necessary to "shame" the politicians and the career bureaucrats into action.

        If there's a sidewalk it will increase the amount of walk I have to clear but at least then I'll be able to use the snow-blower, something I kind of like to do!

        Today I get to clear off the crap left by the plows - that's the hardest part.

        Out with the gloomage - in with the plumage!

        by mikidee on Sun Jan 19, 2014 at 07:03:59 AM PST

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