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View Diary: New allegation of withholding New Jersey Sandy relief money for political purposes (268 comments)

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    Kornacki & Zimmer have documented, and pay attention to the order here:

    That Zimmer wanted the city to do a professional development study at the 19-block north Hoboken area, but were having trouble finding the city money to pay for it;

    That three blocks of that 19-block area were owned by The Rockefeller Group;

    That the Rockefeller Group's law firm is Wolff & Samson, where "Samson" is Christie crony and mentor David Samson

    That Christie cabinet member Lori Grifa came forward to offer Port Authority money to do the study provided the Port Authority could pick the firm that did the study, and Zimmer agreed;

    That between the time the study was authorized and the time it was completed David Samson of Wolff & Samson became the executive director of the Port Authority;

    That between the time the study was authorized and the time it was completed Lori Grifa, formerly in the Christie cabinet, went to work for Wolff & Samson;

    That when the study finally came out, a study paid for by the Port Authority and conducted by the Port Authority's hand-picked firm, it concluded that the 3 blocks of the area owned by The Rockefeller Group was eligible for lucrative redevelopment money, and the rest of the 19 blocks was not.

    In short, the Port Authority paid for the study. The study concluded that the 3 blocks owned by the company represented by the ED of the Port Authority was eligible for the big bucks, and the rest of the area was not eligible for the big bucks.

    We might not be able to prove that the Christie administration leaned on Zimmer (though it looks bad) but we can see the corruption in the Port Authority clearly enough.

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