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View Diary: Chris Christie's office blasts MSNBC as 'partisan' and 'openly hostile' (298 comments)

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  •  Once again MSNBC's nerd division (5+ / 0-)
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    Vicky, mkor7, KayCeSF, CrissieP, Orlaine

    leaves its insider politician-fellators in the dust. Notice how it's the most liberal, most intellectual of the network's hosts who provide the most solid, valuable, non-sensationalized and credible coverage, while the blow-dried smug insiders who only talk horserace play catch-up. Partly it's because Maddow, Hayes and the weekend morning hosts aren't political insiders and don't expect to be worshiped for their access and anecdotes. They actually have to commit journalism to stay on top.

     And while you have to have a healthy ego to be on TV in the first place, they manage to keep theirs under control and can generously acknowledge the contributions of others with expertise and don't get their jollies interrupting, bullying or talking over their guests.

    Those shows also tend to have fewer politicians on whose only function is to deliver the talking points. (I said fewer not zero, unfortunately, but "fewer" is better than "almost every guest.")

    •  It is called RESEARCH - (4+ / 0-)
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      Vicky, mkor7, Val, KayCeSF

      I watch Morning Joe all the time - mainly because I don't have the stomach for Fox and I like to hear opposing viewpoints.  The principals on Morning Joe (Joe, Mika, Mike Barnicle, Willie Geist) don't do any research.  It is like they don't even have researchers on their staff.  I'm not even holding them to a journalistic standard, I'm saying that they often haven't even read simple documents, listened to speeches, read the accounts of other journalists before they come on the air.  I think they often just rely on insider gossip - especially Joe.  It can be embarrassing sometimes.  Even if they watched the evening MSNBC lineup, they would often be better informed than they are.

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