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  •  moralistic blackmail is their M.O. (none)
    fox puts the con in disconnected from reality.
    •  He's a contractor. So what?? (none)
      On this one, Fox actually has a point.

      This unaccountable mercenary, profiting from the misery of war, whines that the US Army hates him. Well they do -- these "security contractors" act as they're not beholden to any laws, they shoot at our troops, they make more money in a month or two than many soldiers make in a year, and their cowboy antics generate resentment and put our troops in even greater risk.

      A decent number of those contractors are the same best and brightest we go on and on about when we talk about supporting our troops.  Not all, but a goodly number of these people are ex-military from the US.  There role is little different from the role they had before, they are just paid better.  Can you blame them for wanting to be paid better than the shit pay that regular troops make?

      Yes, some of those mercenaries are little more than death squad goons from central america, etc.  People who just like killing for the sake of killing, and could give two shits about America and this war.  But a lot of those troops are actually Americans who do care about what happens there.  If you believed in supporting this war effort and your choices were to return to the military for a pittance, or go over as a contractor, do similar work, and get paid a whole lot better, what would you do?

      So let's stop talking about these contractors as though they are little more than bloog thirsty mercenaries.  Yes, there are some of those, just like there are some regular troops who get a kick out of torturing Iraqis.  We don't go around calling all our troops torturers do we?  No.  So let's have the decency not to over-generalize for the contractors either.  

      •  If you believed in supporting this war effort? (none)
        The Armed Services fight for our country first and foremost.
        Private contractors conduct business for profit first and foremost.

        Though these qualities are not necessarilly mutually exclusive, they speak volumes about motives. Sure, most mercenaries might even have patriotic motives, but what about those who don't give a shit at all about anyone but themselves? The worst part about these guys is that the private sector's "bad apples" have absolutely no accountability, and that's incredibly dangerous.

        Sometimes the jokes write themselves. Sometimes they run for President.

        by Sixfortyfive on Fri Jul 01, 2005 at 08:07:44 AM PDT

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        •  Precisely my point (none)
          You hit the nail right on the head.  You're talking about "most" and "some" but not "all.  I agree with you completely that it's dangerous for those people to have no accountability.  What I object to is the characterization that they are ALL a bunch of dangerous greedy thugs.  Yes, some of them are.  Those that are need to be held accountable as soldiers would.  
        •  Sixfortyfive, I agree and doing so (none)
          does not constitute the end of any thoughts to the subject at hand. My agreement is partial at best as all others should be unless a definitive solution to the problem can somehow appear.

          Let's try the devil's advocate drill.

          We remove or cause such with our collective bitching, all the mercs. Gone. Shipped home and now there is no further penis envy concerning my pay check is bigger than yours.

          OK, the US (that's us, folks) has promised certain things. Reconstruction for example.

          Can we reasonably expect an Iraqi or any other worker from any other country to participate in the re-building process?

          Sure if they are paid a decent wage, given perks, etc. BUT not if there is no security, no safe work place.

          Who, on behalf of the US, will protect the workers?

          More soldiers? We do NOT have enough soldiers as it is, that's why our National Guard and Reserves are already in Iraq.

          Well, who will enlist? Who indeed? Isn't there anyone that is willing to give up their life to protect workers in Iraq? No?

          Let's look at profit. Our soldiers are making a wage, not a very good wage for the conditions.

          Our soldiers are not in the profit making business. A lot (spelled majority) of our soldiers would not be in the National Guard or Reserves if they had known at sign up what they fully know now.

          Corporations. Big business. See a whole lot of start up Mom & Pop type businesses over there? No.

          In other times, other wars the profiteers made their fortunes off the blood of our servicemen.

          Today they make money off every aspect of the war and the reconstruction. The aide to the Iraqi leader that just visited the White House wanted to know, "When are you going to start re-building, Mr. President?"

          Read that question a couple of times, the money, the profits are to be found in the question. A very simple very honest question by an underling.

          The Dukester and his MZM (?) buddy are making money. Bush and Cheney aren't? Bullshit. They are all making money.

          Let's try another insightful approach, let's remove the profit to be made from the equation.

          What do you have if profits are removed?

          It's called,.....peace.

      •  What if this were a union thing? (none)
        Say you really want to sell people groceries.  The union is striking to fight against pay cuts.  You cross the lines and work as a scab for more money than the picketers were getting paid.  Sure, you're getting people the groceries they need, but are you helping your "fellow" workers who are picketing for better treatment and pay?

        We're always one of Us. It's Them that do the Bad Things. - Terry Pratchett

        by Rambuncle on Fri Jul 01, 2005 at 09:16:03 AM PDT

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        •  Ummmm... (none)
          How is this related?  

          If this were a union thing then soldiers would actually be paid decently and it'd be a moot point.  Are you suggesting the soldiers would get better pay if we didn't have contractors?  I rather doubt that.  What is your point?

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