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  •  hootie, I agree with your thinking (none)
    I read this diary a half hour ago and shook my head in wonderment. Is it because Kos wrote his opinion and that;s a gift from on high?

    You are entitled to your thoughts and the right to speak them.

    It isn't the fact others disagree but the republican manner in which they do so.

    Personally, there is a very fine line between merc/volunteer. They both volunteered but for different corporations and one obviously negotiated a higher wage package.

    If every human being was "willing" to give up his/her life for their country (a silly argument if one thought about it) then China wins the competition with 1.3 billion citizens.

    A simple case of the best fuckers being the winner.

    Anyway, forget the "troll" status hype, it's their only way to respond when thinking fails them.

    I give you a 4 because you didn't agree and felt comfortable enough to question the subject.

    •  What the hell? (none)
      The entire concept of mercenaries is insulting to our servicemen and women and exposes the most transparent hypocrisy of the Republican Party concerning the military. They push a "pro-troop" image, yet they have the audacity to consider the military "big government" whether their rhretoric reflects that or not. They can't have it both ways.

      Sometimes the jokes write themselves. Sometimes they run for President.

      by Sixfortyfive on Fri Jul 01, 2005 at 07:41:48 AM PDT

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    •  Thanks Ohio (none)
      Appreciate the comments, particularly the well thought, constructive ones.  People like Sixfortyfive don't really bother me because they can do nothing but criticize under the assumption that you're an evil Repuglican bent on global domination!!!  Besides, no matter what democratic/progressive/liberal page I post on, I'm labeled as a troll by nature of disagreeing.  Funny, cuz I always thought a troll was a person who posted for the sole purpose of getting a rise, not discussing and learning.

      Honestly, after several people's responses to this thread, I wonder the validity of the Mercs as well.  Private security is one thing, mercenary military is another.  The most valid point, I thought, was the Machiavelli quote, where you can trust a person who signs up for honor, but you can't truly trust a person who signs up for cash because they don't have any of your interests at heart.  Just a thought.

    •  can you not read? (none)
      kos did not write this diary. What the hell is the matter with you?
    •  retracted (none)
      Wholly and totally retracted.

      My sincerest apologies. I was wrong, and have no recourse.

      I'll be in the corner over there if you need me...

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