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View Diary: Choose: Mercenaries or our soldiers (130 comments)

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  •  "Executive Outcomes" (none)
    The History channel did a huge thing on them a while back and how they were superior to the UN.(Through proven results) Supposedly they're in Iraq now. I say fuck it, hire them to do our dirty work. Use the troops to save the homeland.
    Shit, mercenary has a certain ring to it anyway. Then you'll get the truly dedicated/crazies to do your biddings.

    "Once called mercenaries, highly trained killers have offered their deadly services for a price--from ancient Rome to the War on Terror. Today, they've marched from the back pages of "Soldier of Fortune" to form vast corporations with the power of the most advanced militaries. The payday for these private soldiers has reached $100-billion annually!"

    The dudes are nasty.
    I'm having trouble finding info from the History Channel ironicly.

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