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View Diary: Media Drones prevent Firefighting Helicopters from Reaching Burning Village in Norway (42 comments)

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  •  The wealthy are preening their peacock feathers (0+ / 0-)

    That's not going to solve problems like: delivering a book more than a few hundred feet would require a HUGE battery, in a HUGE drone. Are they going to build warehouses at the end of every driveway? 'Cuz that's the only way that style of delivery could work.

    Since the warehouses would have to be that close, they're bringing the stuff to the community by truck, anyway, so why the hell wouldn't they just drop off the items at the doors of the homes, and skip building the warehouse.

    Nor will it account for things like: A drone can't fly in the rain. A drone can't fly in the snow. A drone can't fly in high and/or gusty winds. That eliminates 30 to 70% of the possible drone delivery days, depending on location.

    And we won't even get into sabotage and theft problems (if you think rich kids don't steal, you've never lived around rich kids) ...

    There is no amount of money that makes delivery by drone make sense.

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