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View Diary: Mayor Zimmer Replies to Christie Salvos on CNN (UPDATED!) (256 comments)

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  •  Here's the quote from the show transcript (34+ / 0-)
    CROWLEY: I did speak to someone inside the governor's office this morning and they said, listen, our first pot was $300 million. The request from Hoboken was $100 million. They got $70 million. And they said, when you look across the state of New Jersey, all of these places were hurting and needed more money than at that point they obviously had, that $70 million out of a $300 million pot at that point is pretty good, it's almost one-third of the funds.

    ZIMMER: Well, actually, the $70 million that the governor is taking credit for, the majority of that is from the flood insurance program that residents and businesses have paid themselves. They're paying premiums and they're getting those flood insurance programs so that has nothing to do with the $70 million and the bottom line is we applied for over a $100 million and we got just, you know, a little bit more than $300,000. Those numbers stand. I mean it's - they're playing games with the numbers and it is a deflection. The majority of that $70 million that they are talking about is from the flood insurance that they were not responsible for administering.

    That supposed $70 million doesn't show up on theNJ Sandy Aid Tracker.  It only adds up to "$14.2 million and includes millions given specifically to residents, not the city." (Star Ledger)
    •  The key word Crowley left out is "approved" (1+ / 0-)
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      residents have been approved for $70 million.  If news agencies reported things properly it would be

      "The city asked for $100 mil for various projects, was approved for x, and received so far $350,000".

      Of course, as reported, that $70 million approved is not what the city asked for or even what the mayor is talking about.  That $70 million approved is another fund or "pot of money".

      It is like saying the Pentagon budget is too big and then giving figures for the budget of DHS.

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