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  •  Terror... Fear... Flight? Or Fight? (3+ / 0-)
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    A friend became unemployed and unable to find any work. He lived off his cash cushion for a time, then ate through his retirement savings, then lived in another person's second room before that person was forced to downsize the apartment. Then he came to live in my spare room.

    That was two years ago. He's got nothing to speak of.

    Seeing no end to the current situation in sight; he attempted suicide on new years eve.

    He just wanted to escape, get away from what his life has become. In the face of the fear of unending joblessness, unending inability to pay for his own shoes or clothing when they wear out etc, he wanted to flee.

    Why did I choose that subject for this comment?

    It's amazing, isn't it? America has a surplus both of jobless people and deferred maintenance. We also have a surplus of under-taxed millionaires. It would be nice if Congress would connect those dots and attack joblessness. But Republicans are more interested in making joblessness more horrifying for the jobless, by curtailing benefits to the jobless and their families.
    Some people, like my friend, are taking the Flight option to address the gut-fear of joblessness. Suicide rates are up Up UP. (Link to RT) And, of course, this is a problem.

    There comes a point where the people who aren't compatible with the Flight option overcome our cultural barriers to that other method of addressing what frightens them - Fight.

    It's not enough to just support the D. There also has to be a lot of yelling at all of the D's so that they reverse the actions that have led to a population that is stretched to the point approaching a dangerous snap.

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