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  •  Booman: "kill Snowden" talk actually targets POTUS (0+ / 0-)

    The progressive blogger Booman at the Booman Tribune argues that the death threats directed at Snowden by U.S. government employees are also a warning to the President:

    The Intelligence Community Can Be Dangerous

    With President Obama set to call on Congress to overhaul [the] NSA's surveillance programs, it's important to understand what he's up against. He is not messing with people you want to be messing with.

    . . .

    You may have your own theories about the JFK assassination, but one thing is clear. In the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy said that he wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." He began that process, and he didn't get to stand for reelection. Whether a faction within the CIA played or role in his death or not is still hotly disputed, but no president can feel comfortable that they can cross the intelligence community with impunity.

    The Dutch kids' chorus Kinderen voor Kinderen wishes all the world's children freedom from hunger, ignorance, and war. ♥ ♥ ♥ Forget Neo — The One is Minori Urakawa

    by lotlizard on Mon Jan 20, 2014 at 01:27:19 AM PST

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