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  •  Of course whistleblowers can be deterred (3+ / 0-)
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    quill, ladybug53, kurt

    I applaud whistleblowers, but of course some of them can be silenced all of the time, and all of them can be silenced some of the time.  Deterrence works differently for different people and with different governmental waste, fraud, abuse, and outright criminal activity.  

    Everybody in a position to blow a whistle knows that it will be a career ender - that is a given.  No matter what protections are offered, a whistleblower is going to find himself/herself in the equivalent of bureaucratic shunning.  Some whistles don't get blown for that alone.  

    Add to that the prosecution of prominent whistleblowers, and you have substantial deterrence and lots of whistles don't get blown.  That of course, is the point.  I get the bureaucratic reasons for that, but I do not understand why the media doesn't appear to understand that it has a different set of interests, and that the public has a third set of interests.  It always surprises me to listen to the Villagers expressing outrage at Edward Snowden, supporting draconian responses to his revelations, and then expressing outrage at the NSA.  

    I suppose if we were to summarily shoot whistleblowers in the street, darn few of the abuses would be whistleblowers know about would be exposed.  Fortunately, at the rate whistleblower punishments are escalating, I will have shuffled off this mortal coil before that happens.  

    •  silence whisteblowers (2+ / 0-)
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      ladybug53, petral

      It is also a given that it is impossible to completely silence a whistleblower.  You can make them pay a high price but they will continue to speak.  Note Ellsberg and others as they just keep up the pressure.  Snowden will also continue to talk to the press.  The problem is that corporations and the government do not get it. They will continue to expose waste, fraud, and abuse of power.

      •  What about company whistle blowers? (0+ / 0-)

        Why single out the NSA or government?

        Trade secrets of how a company does business and pointing out criminal or immoral activities of businesses is not as acceptable as somebody criticizing or pointing out problems with government agencies.

        Maybe a look at the different aspects of acceptable and unacceptable whistle blowing is a better subject.

        •  whistleblowing is not reporting trade secrets (0+ / 0-)

          Whistleblowing is about pointing out waste, fraud, or abuse of power and it does not matter whether it is a corporation or government. Fraud is fraud is fraud.  This is not criticizing because no amount of fraud or abuse of power is acceptable.  People acting out of conscience do not criticize but they point out facts that are illegal.  

    •  Snowden gets outrage because instead of (0+ / 0-)

      standing up to the NSA, he ran off to China and Russia, 2 countries with very little freedom and spy on their citizens more then the NSA revelations.

      Add to that, most young people have grown up watching "government spies on you" themed movies and most are not shocked to find out such a thing and just don't care about NSA spying as much as hypocrisy to seek safety from countries and governments that do what you are speaking against.

      •  Snowden whistleblower acted out of conscience (0+ / 0-)

        He did not run off to China and Russia.  He went to meet reporters because he could not meet them here as the NSA was watching him and would have stopped his whistleblowing.  One can not blow the whistle in the US when one has a security clearance.  There is no one in the government who will listen and investigate the fraud or abuse of power.  You will be arrested and over charged so one has to "lawyer up" and be ready for a long expensive legal battle. One may not even know the charges against them so it is best not to get arrested by the US Government in the US or anywhere in the world.

        If there was a way to blow the whistle here he would have done it.  Look at what happened to the Guardian.  They were raided.  The reason he is in Russia is that he can not fly to another place because the US will force the plane down.

        People I talk to and the polls say that citizens do not want to be spied on.  If there is probable cause then they can get a judge to get approval to scoop up all of that person's emails and calls.  

        Many people leave their country for a better life.  I bet your family had a good reason to come to this country. I know that mine wanted freedom in the 1890s and they left Germany and Russia.  We were granted a new home and we left behind the Prussian and Russian armies who wanted us to fight for them.

        Thanks for responding to my comments. It appears that you are the only one interested in the topic.

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