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View Diary: What if legislators didn't have to draw majority-minority districts? Democrats would lose big (71 comments)

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  •  These maps are nonsense (0+ / 0-)

    Districts are based on VOTER REGISTRATION/AFFILIATION and NOT on who they voted for in the last presidential election.

    Any maps based on such a metric automatically is WRONG.

    In the South this is particularly true

    There are plenty of Democrats who for obvious reasons refused to vote for President Obama, but with a different candidate would have done so.

    Does that mean there would suddenly be Democratic majorities, absolutely not.

    What it does mean is, because President Obama is extremely unpopular in the Red States, assuming Democratic strength based on those #s underestimates the # of people who would vote Democrat in local, state and national elections when he is not part of the deal.

    Just enough to ensure the horror maps you draw are ludicrous.

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