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  •  Which is why she is so formidable (6+ / 0-)

    Really folks, whatever any progressive misgivings anyone may have regarding Hillary Clinton, can you imagine anyone among the likely or even possible 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls even slightly measuring up to her, on any stage, anywhere?

    Her national credentials are absolutely sterling--a brilliant, top-of-her class Wellesley and Yale Law School graduate, a counsel on the Watergate investigative staff in the 1970s; a forerunner of child literacy and feminist issues when First Lady of Arkansas, an innovative United States First Lady, the first ever to even attempt a universal health care initiative; a superb Senator (the first female) from the state of New York; one of the first serious runs for the United States Presidency by a female candidate; and an altogether dazzling United States Secretary of State, chartering more miles traveled than any of her predecessors (her handling of "Benghazi" was, in  truth, a triumph).  

    Now, imagine ANY possible GOP candidate against her among the current crop.  Most of that group has precious little or any foreign policy experience whatsoever, and none have anywhere near the totality of her experiences in governing.

    Hillary would dispatch any Benghazi question of culpability out of the ballpark, with most everyone understanding just what a Secretary of State can or cannot do in any given administration.  This is why the GOP, desperate to the point of having become nearly irrelevant in terms of presidential politics, has little left but to outright lie.  

    Against a lesser political force, such tactics might have at least minimal traction.  But against the Clintons?  Hillary as seasoned a female politician as any in US history, and Bill, the absolute Grand Master of US politics of the past fifty years?  Lord, the GOP Is going to be lucky to retain even ten states in the year 2016.

    With the current field of GOP hopefuls almost all moribund even before the first presidential primaries, the Democrats, with even a moderately good candidate, are almost a lock on retaining the White House for at least another two terms.  But if Hillary Clinton should indeed become the next Democratic Presidential nominee?  I maintain that like LBJ in 1964, she nearly guarantees a forty-state sweep.

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