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  •  heh, Horace, go digging when you read (1+ / 0-)
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    Horace Boothroyd III

    a newspaper article that doesn't even provide a source, like a scientific publication of that "Dick" professor.  

    CV of Dick Schwaab. If you look into the list of publication he had  under awards and honors, you find lots of more "dickish" research.

    I hate articles in news papers who feed emotions without repercussions. This is bad journalism. If it's bad science, you would better read the research papers he published and be sure that you are as educated as the "Dick" to judge the validity of his research in fields that might not suit you fancy.  

    Just saying. Even if the Institute he is working at is called "Netherland Hersen Institute - Master of the Mind", you have to check if "Dick" mastered your  mind or if he has gotten his mind  manipulated by his research results. He is after all leader of the Research team for "Neuropsychiatric Disorders". , you know there is the word "disorder" in his area of expertise, that should say something, right"

    So, what do you conclude from that?

    In German I would say now "Nichts für ungut".

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