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View Diary: Oregon county GOP raffles AR-15 rifle to 'celebrate' Lincoln and Martin Luther King (79 comments)

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    Rashaverak, thanatokephaloides

    The party that rails against big government, the same government that's against women, and Other Religions, and blacks, and the poor; the party that has spent the better part of a decade passing unconstitutional state laws that have to be shot down by the Supremes later, the party that champions the Right to Bear Weapons is also the party that has been fearmongering against Big Government nonstop. It's not wonder the simple amongst us are terrified into hoarding guns and turning into wimpy, crybaby idiots when the issue comes up.

    They are making the very thing that causes governments to crack down; crazy, fearful, angry people with guns.

    It's interesting to watch the GOP operate, kind of like putting bugs in a jar to see what they'll do.

    THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. -- L. Ron Hubbard Technique 88

    by xenubarb on Mon Jan 20, 2014 at 11:38:54 PM PST

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