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View Diary: US Security Community and Media Launch Full Scale Innuendo Attack on Snowden (149 comments)

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  •  On the heels of NSA "reform?" (13+ / 0-)

    Uh huh. Timing is NOT coincidental.

    If Snowden was spying for the Russians then what? We don't need so much reform maybe? He doesn't get any kind of vindication? Bullshit.

    If the Russians were behind all this it would either all still be secret OR it would ALL be public.

    Americans go to the press when they want to expose government wrong-doing. It's right there in our First is the deepest and most abiding principle in that amendment. The Free Press, the fourth matter how lame our media has become, the idea of turning to the press when all else fails is in our blood. This is what Snowden did. He should be offered IMMUNITY.

    I pray Americans have become jaded enough about the NSA to recognize this new bullshit propaganda for what it is.

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