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  •  By "unfettred" I am probably trampling (2+ / 0-)
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    Ahianne, politicalceci

    a term of art, but what I mean is unregulated and unrestrained by community or government standards. Would people - when properly and accurately informed - influence the market to create more equity?  I doubt it because so much of the market is based on self-interest, rather than empathy, but as you say - we can never be completely informed, so such a market is a pipe-dream by definition.

    Or to put it another way, fashion, brand loyalty and out-and-out addiction tends to trump pure "information".  People have known for decades of the link between smoking and cancer - yet they continue to smoke.  For a shorter period, we've known - once whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand revealed the evidence - that the industry knew that nicotine was addictive for decades and lied to the public and Congress about it.  That cigarettes are essentially designed as a nicotine delivery system which tends to override and blunt the natural "free choice" of consumer.

    As long as an industry can continue to lie and obfuscate to protect their financial interests (see Walmart's handling of it's internal worker issues or BP on the volume of the Deep Water Horizon Spill), then the market is never truly "Free" and the choices made are not being done with the best evidence available.

    Industry could voluntarily step-up and provide fair and accurate information on the quality, content and even the negative impacts of their products on their workers and consumers - but exact when have they ever done that without government mandates to do so?

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