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View Diary: The Importance of what Obama said about Racism, and why it gives the Right Night Terrors (72 comments)

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  •  Obama is so clear headed here, seeing (0+ / 0-)

    both sides from several directions. Oh the irony when $arah Palin says he plays the race card at times like this, when he actually admits we need to watch out for the danger of that but at the same time acknowledge the existence of racism. He is being much more self (and situation) aware and honest than most people/politicians in his shoes, it seems to me. I'm trying to imagine someone else explaining the situation so well and I can't.

    He usually doesn't dumb down the concepts that he shares, which is laudable. It makes me wonder though if many Republicans who interpret Obama as playing the race card in situations like this simply cannot follow him, did not have the patience, listening skills, or intellect to follow his reasoning. They hear certain key words "race" etc and that's enough for them. Sure they have a preconceived bias against him and hear what they want to hear, but I think some of them actually might not have been able to follow intellectually. We know Palin is not super bright. SHe's manipulative and is feeding her audience what she knows they want to hear (race card), but I wonder if she has the intellectual firepower to actually understand where Obama is coming from.

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