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  •  Smoothies saved my Bro-in-law... (6+ / 0-)

    when he went thru chemo/radiation for throat cancer.  

    You can do anything with a great smoothie + add in additional much needed protein powder, etc.

    Costco sells one called "Vita-Mix" that we love.  We gave one as a gift to assist bro-in-law - comes with a recipe book.  Cleans easier than any other blender I've owned due to flat interior at bottom + motor is professional so I have yet to burn the motor out in 9 years vs. 2x/year in the past for cheap blenders.  

    Simple soup recipes can be made in the blender - add all ingredients then if you don't turn it off - due to the professional quality of the motor - the soup COOKS INSIDE the blender... pour in a bowl - rinse out with water and it's clean!

    Best of luck!

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