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    •  That was well written (17+ / 0-)

      One of my science fair projects in high school was a slot machine built using Pascal's triangle and a bunch of solenoids and paying off according to the odds of falling through a given slot but I have to say the odds of surviving a winter living on the streets in a northern city are not good. I can remember a period of living on the streets, hitchhiking from North of Boston to the Cape in the summer and then back up to Lake Placid working a bit and then thumbing a ride down to the East Village come fall, panhandling spare change on the streets in New York and working as a day laborer doing demolition for a month playing chess in coffee houses all night to stay warm, getting  subway fare south to New Jersey and then finding the freight yards riding south on top of an open gravel car on the Seaboard line in October dressed in summer clothes almost freezing solid, stopping in Alexandria Virginia and finding a diner by the tracks, going in too cold to speak and being given warm coffee, donuts and a job roofing that kept me going a few weeks till I fell off a church steeple, continuing to hitchhike south to West Palm Beach and Daytona Beach, borrowing a pole and catching a fish which I traded for a breakfast in the Yankee Clipper, then getting a ride across Florida 12 people in a VW to the Gulf Coast talking about going to Cuba and ending up in New Orleans. I have a couple of distant relatives who do the same sort of. One's a South African who travels the globe playing chess for a living and the other is originally from Manchester England who travels the globe to Vegas, Australia, the old Eastern Block playing poker for a living, both the kind of people who can calculate permutations and combinations in their heads, both beating the odds so far.

      Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

      by rktect on Wed Jan 22, 2014 at 01:03:01 AM PST

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