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View Diary: The SCOTUS Is Extraordinary: The Right To Choose (191 comments)

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  •  Uhh.. (none)

    If you flush the so-called "Vichy" wing from the Democratic party then quite frankly the Democrats will be a permanent minority party.

    You can't ignore the southern states, go 50/50 in the west, desperately cling to the New England states (while letting moderate Republicans like Chaffe, Snowe, and Collins pickup valuable Senate seats) and be a national party.

    Get it?  Without the so called "DLC Wing" of the party - the "loser Wing" Democrats are doomed to be a 20 state (or less!) party.  

    The fact is and remains that for many Democrats abortion is a major issue.  Republicans will trot out the partial birth abortion ban as evidence that Democrats support for abortion is inhuman and cruel.  

    If Democrats push hard on this issue they are going to be left holding the bag, in my opinion.  

    The image of the Democrats as the party of fighting everything tooth and nail just to be difficult is not a sure fire winner.

    O'Connor is a conservative voice for the Court.  Replacing her with a conservative voice is not a loss for Democrats.

    •  I'd be that over 80% of the public (none)
      supports freedom from Dobson with their doctor,
      supports good education,
      supports efficient public services,
      supports MOST or all progressive values,

      those values do not win cuz we don't win elections, and we don't win elections cuz our "leaders" are NOT leaders, they are losers in charge, and they excel at staying in charge.

      Real Leaders wouldn't have a problem attracting southerners, or people from Kansas, or any of the 50+ million less than rich bushco voters who vote against their own self interest.  

      I assumed that "Vichy Dems" implied only the loser "leaders", the Bidens & Froms etc etc, not the great mass of us underlings with varying philosophies.  

      Without this loser minority which is in charge, the Dems will have a chance to stand for something, will ahve a chance to win something, and will have a chance to implement some community investment policies which actually increase personal freedom.

      Get It?


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