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View Diary: * New Day * — Ever prowl around a ghost-town? (153 comments)

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  •  Yep I can vouch for that (11+ / 0-)

    My dad and I have come across little mining cabins deep in the woods where we wondered what in the HELL were these people thinking? You can also still find the remains of hermit cabins along the major rivers if you know where to look. I kind of wonder what happened to all the backwoods hermits, I guess most people today don't have the survival skills to go it alone anymore. To really make it you had to have some engineering and architectural skills, woodworking skills, hunting and tracking skills, and agricultural skills. They were a really amazing breed.

    There are two types of republicans, the rich and the stupid. The rich ones strive to keep the stupid ones stupid and the stupid ones strive to keep the rich ones rich.

    by frankzappatista on Wed Jan 22, 2014 at 09:25:41 AM PST

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