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View Diary: USA's Overreaction to Richard Sherman Is Case Study In Its Uneasiness, Fascination With Black Males (118 comments)

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  •  It's truly pathetic (2+ / 0-)
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    Darmok, Tonedevil

    That you are trying to make this about race.

    I'm a critic and I don't care what color he was.  It has zero bearing.  He completely lacked class, grace and humility with his comments.  That's not on other people, that's on him.

    •  I am trying to make this about race: (3+ / 0-)
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      Failure in Shear, Vita Brevis, grover
      Some were amused by Sherman's comments. Other commentators called him rude and disrespectful.

      Then the blatantly racist reactions began to roll in, with Twitter comments calling him the n-word, a "jungle monkey" and a "gorilla."

      "Lol don't mess with Richard Sherman, he will go bananas. Guys a fricken jungle monkey."

      "Richard Sherman = cocky [n--ger]. #SEAvsSF"

      "Richard Sherman's an ignorant ape."

      "I can't wait till manning and the rest of the broncos light Richard Sherman up# shut up you dumb [n--ger]"

      "Richard Sherman deserves to get shot in the [f--king] head. Disrespectful [n--ger]."

      •  It's shocking to me how many people are trying to (8+ / 0-)

        conflate criticism of Sherman's behavior which he himself said was inappropriate and the nasty ugly racist stuff that flowed his way within minutes after the end of the game.

        It's almost like hateful racists just sit, waiting for someone to (inadvertently) give them an excuse  to spew this horrible crap.

        And then the apologists come along and say, but the black dude was rude!

        I don't care how rude the black dude was, there is no reason for him to get bombed with the N word and other racist slurs.

        And people who don't seem to understand this make me wonder ....

        © grover

        So if you get hit by a bus tonight, would you be satisfied with how you spent today, your last day on earth? Live like tomorrow is never guaranteed, because it's not. -- Me.

        by grover on Wed Jan 22, 2014 at 01:52:13 PM PST

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        •  It's sad, really. (3+ / 0-)
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          Vita Brevis, Shotput8, Kwik

          I'm sure some saw his interview--which Erin Andrews handled just fine, btw- and thought, 'he's kind of rude.'

          That's fine. Perfectly normal reaction. But what's not normal is the hate I just quoted. That's disgusting and racist. And the apologists are almost worse.

          They get some kind of weird thrill in passive/aggressive racism. They love lurking around black people at times like this---just as they did during Zimmerman's trial.

          •  Do you see anyone here apologizing for the racism? (0+ / 0-)
            •  Yes. (1+ / 0-)
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              When you jump into a diary like this and howl that it's not about racism, when some of it absolutely is, then you apologize for that racism.

              If you'd like, I can describe a non-racist way to react to Richard Sherman's interview.

              •  Please proceed. (0+ / 0-)

                But I think you're conflating people who have said that there are reasons to criticize Sherman that have nothing to do with race, with people who say that Sherman hasn't been subject to racist reaction - the latter being non-existent around here, IMO.

                •  I'm not conflating anything.. (2+ / 0-)
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                  Nannyberry, Kwik

                  I'm perfectly capable of weeding out racist reactions to Sherman from non-racist ones. You're the one struggling here.

                  Now, let's say someone non-racist were to watch the Andrews interview(and the heated reaction from the public, including the overtly racist comments excerpted above) and didn't like the things Sherman said. Bad sportsmanship, rude, whatever.

                  That non-racist person wouldn't come into a diary discussing those racist reactions and wave his hands around frantically that race isn't the issue. Stomp his feet angrily that it wasn't about race. Without acknowleging that some of it clearly was.

                  How about this instead: 'I didn't like Sherman's interview and I don't like trash talk because it's bad for the game(blah, blah, whatever) but some of that stuff on twitter is toxic and racist.'

                  That's a non-racist reaction.
                  Try it out sometime.

                  •  Nice strawman (0+ / 0-)
                    That non-racist person wouldn't come into a diary discussing those racist reactions and wave his hands around frantically that race isn't the issue.
                    Maybe you should try reading the comments before coming up with something about which to be upset.
                    •  Given the subject matter, (0+ / 0-)

                      I didn't expect much from this interaction. Nor did I expect you to acknowledge the racism in some of the criticism aimed at Sherman.

                      But that's 'being an apologist for racism.'
                      If that makes you sad, grab a kleenex.

    •  What's really pathetic is... (1+ / 0-)
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      that you refuse to acknowledge that there are any racial/racists elements to the public's overreaction to Richard Sherman. That's the tragedy. By turning a blind eye, you're complicit with those who tagged Sherman a monkey and worse.

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