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View Diary: The Comedy of Creationists: How Far Real Science Has Pushed Pseudo-Science (34 comments)

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    You can't try to shoot down what I said with an argument claiming you know better than they did what they were thinking and then accuse me of doing the same.

    The bending over backward that people do to try to avoid having to admit that the Bible has made false claims and that's all there is to it is really annoying.  It's only because it's a religious book that people give it such a wide berth of undeserved respect.  The ancient greeks helped advance human civilization a lot and came up with some excellent new ideas, but we don't feel the need to therefore try to defend every claim they made and every thing they did.  They also had a lot of utterly bonkers ideas and some morally reprehensible ideas but there's no shame in that because so did most of humanity.  Judged versus their contemporaries they come out looking pretty good.  But doing that requires that we treat their history in a secular way.  They weren't divine they were just people.  Just like the authors of the biblical scriptures.  They got some stuff right and some stuff wrong.

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