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View Diary: Top CDC medical officer: Pregnant WV women should have been warned about water sooner. Ya think? (58 comments)

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  •  you said nuclear power doesn't look so bad NOW (1+ / 0-)
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    ... may be we will have to wait til a Hurricane/Earthquake hits San Onofre to convince people that you don't play out one electiricy production technology against the other.

    Who is grandstanding? I don't get your comment.

    •  Does San Onofre have all the easily (0+ / 0-)

      preventable design flaws of Fukushima?

      Such as having the back up generator buried in the easily flooded basement?

      If so, that's a huge problem.  OTOH, one that is easily corrected. You know, by moving the aforesaid generators ot the easily observed cliffs at a higher elevation as shown in the picture your provided.

      btw, if * that * is the case, can you kindly post the relevant info online, and the regulatory bodies that might be concerned about it?

      Because I'll be first in line to send in a concerned letter if that's the case.

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