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View Diary: GOProud co-founder gives up, leaves Republican Party (190 comments)

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    according to former speaker O'Neill.  This has never been more evident since the last mid term election and the one that sent Obama back to 1600 PA Ave for another four years.  Those diabolically gerrymandered districts will assure the RWNJs a very vocal platform for quite a while.

    I don’t think they can win a national election again.
    The thing is, they've been winning at the state and county level and have tried - and succeeded in some cases - in getting their mean spirited agenda into law. With women's rights being attacked, voting rights abridged, there's a very active, nasty batch of batshit crazies still to deal with.  

    This is not the beginning of a groundswell of defections.

    Mr. Watson, come in here please.

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