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View Diary: Men Who Commit Rape Have the Deck Stacked in Their Favor (213 comments)

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  •  We need the legal equivalent of the ACA. (2+ / 0-)

     So much justice is denied to people because they don't have access to a competent, reasonably priced legal system.
       It's not "just" rape, but all kinds of crimes against individuals.   It's not just male attitudes against women, but it's the pervasive attitudes in society that people on the 'lower rungs' don't deserve justice, but only the privileged are entitled to their days in court.

      During the worst of the economic crisis, huge cuts were made in state support of court systems by the State of California -- judges unappointed, reduced hours, reduced facilities.   Some cases of a civil nature will stretch out for years because there are not enough judges/clerks/courtrooms and supporting infrastructure for them to be heard in any reasonable length of time.

    Public defenders offices are underfunded and understaffed to a legendary degree.    

    Prosecutors have to prioritize who they are going to go after, and sometimes justice is not high up on their priority list.   Governments are asking for donations and grants from charities in order to process backlogged (by years and years) rape kits.

    Deep pockets can hire attorneys to delay and obfuscate, and the ordinary citizen can't compete.  

     Who can afford an attorney when they can't afford to eat and live indoors? Who can afford to miss work, take hits to their credit, inconvenience their families?  

    "With liberty and JUSTICE for ALL" has been just one more empty phrase.    There will be a point where more people realize how 'shut out' they are, and stop respecting the legal system in any way.  

    It's not just rape.   It's contract law, it's usury, banking, it's double-dealing and real estate fraud.  It's legal and medical malpractice,  political scams, and street crime.
    If you don't earn 75000 a year or more, you can't afford justice.  

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