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  •  It gets worse. (8+ / 0-)

    I recently listened to a woman explain the Biblical theory to me.  Women must never have any, I mean any authority over a man.  So women cannot be a supervisor, an executive, a person with a staff like a legislator, nada nothing no way, if there are males involved.

    So all of us women folk might as well just give it up.  We cannot command in the military, be in a leadership position such as a clergy member, take an officer position in a volunteer organization, if there is ever a man we might be in the position to direct or to lead.

    These are the people we are electing to public office and they are not shy about imposing those restrictions if they can get those policies passed.

    By the way I wonder what constitutes "deep stress" .

    •  One more reason why we need a woman president (4+ / 0-)

      There are still thick mental glass ceilings to be shattered for many girls in the US. Once the historical fact of a woman president is in place -- just as the historical fact of a black president is now in place -- no one will ever be able to little girls that "no woman could ever be president"... as I was told by my father in the '50s.

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