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View Diary: Rep. Steve Pearce: 'The wife is to voluntarily submit ...' (281 comments)

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    biloxiblues, Minnesota Deb

    Look on YouTube for the religion of Jesus by Alan Watts.
    You'll enjoy it.

    Meanwhile, I thought Rep. Steve Pearce and Mrs. Pearce meant that women should refrain from saying "not tonight, dear. I have a headache" and they should fake enthusiasm and orgasms. Like Stepford Wives.

    What I haven't decided (evidence isn't all in yet) = is Y a fragile gene? Are men inherently at a disadvantage in some way that requires women to bolster them up?

    Strongest evidence of this might be brain structures. Women have more built-in redundancy and more connections in the brain. They recover from strokes better than men do for this reason, apparently.

    I want to add that if Rep. Pearce & Co. want women to submit....they sure better put a lot more money on the table for supporting women from cradle to grave or women might NEED to do all kinds of assertive things to stay alive. Ditto for their dependent children.

    True patriarchs know this and do this and take tremendous pleasure and pride in providing for their families, protecting them, even if they don't earn big money. They know their role as patriarch. They care.

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