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View Diary: Rep. Steve Pearce: 'The wife is to voluntarily submit ...' (281 comments)

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  •  You have to remember that, until quite recently, (1+ / 0-)
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    the wedding vow taken by the wife was to "love, honor, and obey."
        Of course, in real life it often didn't work out that way.
        The problem these guys have is that the world has, within only the last 30 years, moved on. The institution of marriage has changed, the relationship between the sexes has changed, the attitude toward gays and transgendered has changed, and the racial/ethnic makeup of the country has changed.
       Most people are fine with that. But some miss the idealized 1950s lifestyle - a lifestyle that really was only enjoyed by the affluent and for less than twenty years.
       Pearce pines for the lost 1950s, or at least his mythical vision of what the 1950s were like.

    •  And this lost age (0+ / 0-)

      was full of unions that stood on near-equal footing with the businesses their members worked for, which allowed them the level of earnings that made this era seem a paradise to its denizens (or at least for its white male ones).  Not to mention having a Republican President who believed in the social safety net.

      But those realities don't jibe with the myth, so they must go, along with the social progress of the last 50-odd years.

      We build on foundations we did not lay. We warm ourselves by fires we did not light. We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant... We are ever bound in community.-Peter Raible

      by SilentBrook on Thu Jan 23, 2014 at 09:44:19 PM PST

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    •  One of the reasons I loved Diana Spencer when she (0+ / 0-)

      married Prince Charles was she refused to say Obey!  She didn't either, which is what put a bee in the bonnet of the royal family!  

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