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  •  I participated in a focus group ten years ago (0+ / 0-)

    led by National Geographic by which they wondered how marketable a DNA test would be to individuals wanting to trace their genealogy. The room of twelve had 1/2 white people and 1/2 black. The presentation was fascinating.

    I already knew that all mankind is traceable to the fertile delta of Iraq, that it coincides with the concept of The Garden of Eden. I knew that my people, the Irish (celts and gaels), had emerged by way of Scandinavia.

    When they spoke of what price each of us would pay to trace our own DNA definitively against their existing database (a map of migration), I was not interested in paying anything.

    The African American participants were all very interested and agreed widely that they would spend $250 for such a test. Their reason was that being African American is too vague, they wanted to know if they were Kenyan, or Tanzanian, Namibian, et al.

    I have never heard of the DNA test being offered to the public.

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    by Says Who on Thu Jan 23, 2014 at 07:09:32 PM PST

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