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View Diary: North Carolina Senate candidate Greg Brannon led crackpot conspiracy-peddling website (40 comments)

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  •  nothing the GOP does surprises me any more (5+ / 0-)

    From a teacher in LA telling a Buddhist student he should convert if he does not like the Creationist material in his 5th grade science course (question on test: "Isn't it amazing everything that the ___ has created" with answer being "Lord")
    Then we have the GOP bright guy who thinks there is no such thing as spousal rape since wives wear nighties that "inflame" their husbands.
    Don't forget the KY bill that would make abortion domestic violence so an ex husband or boyfriend could have a woman and her physician arrested for child abuse.  Then there is also the GOP/MRA meme that abortion denies men their "natural right" to be a father (but does not evidently include paying child support)
    Last thing I saw today was an attempt to make abortion no longer a tax deductible medical procedure whereby the IRS would audit any return claiming such a deduction to insure the termination was due to rape, incest or the physical health (i.e. life threatening condition) of the woman.

    Besides, over the line, we have Lee Bright in SC who wants to be a senator:
    wanna trade even?

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