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View Diary: Breaking: Italian fascist spy network possibly linked to US intelligence (18 comments)

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  •  Michael Ledeen (none)
    I have long suspected that Ledeen had a hand in the Nigergate affair, given is his connections with the Itallian right wing and intellgience agencies and his history of providing "intelligence" to support rightwing policies.  If I recall, these connections were exposed in the early 1980s by Covert Action Information Bulletin.

    Ledeen was the academic/intelligence operative who argued during the Cold War that the Soviet Union was the behind all of the terrorism in Europe and elsewhere.  I guess that is why terrorism disappeared after the end of the Cold War.  In 2003, Ledeen was floating a story that uranium was being smuggled into Iran from Iraq--nothing like killing two birds with stone.  But the CIA felt the story was bogus because the source was Ghorbanifar.

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