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  •  You try to minimize (none)
    I know your are trying to suggest the (bogus) protocols, but in fact the P2 Masonic Lodge does exist to kill or to thwart commies. They have hired themselves out to go after "Islamists." In the sense of world takeover, yes they believe in an extreme liberal worldwide radical "democracy" that you or I wouldn't recognize as such.
    •  Sorry, long weekend... (none)
      so I know no one else will read this, but I wasn't trying to minimize the actions of that one group -- just questioning their connection to all the other freemasons. It matters -- it's a very different situation if the masonic temple in my town has active links to P2 than if it (and/or the umbrella organization to which it belongs) has disavowed P2.  You can make a comparison to just about any other group you can come up with -- let's say that there is a group, calling itself (say) christian (or muslim), which engages in terrorist acts. And then let's imagine that many (most, all?) others who call themselves christian (muslim) publicly disavow the first group, claiming that their actions violate the fundamental principles of christianity (islam). Are we justified in calling the terrorist group christian (muslim), without caveats, when many (most, all) others who call themselves christian (muslim) do not consider them such?
      (I used christian/muslim because I'm gussing that one or the other will ping your emotional radar -- the sub-rational is the level at which I'm aiming. No specific groups in mind.)

      And the indirect reference to the protocols comes out of a discussion with my (unnacountably) wingnut brother a while ago -- I swear, if he wasn't a jew, he'd be  an anti-semite. He just picks up on the "blame a random scapegoat" conspiracies -- I think because otherwise he'd have to think too hard, and he's never been  fond of that.  (Or research. He went on about the freemasons, but never mentioned P2 -- and this was just after I'd read the DaVinci Code, when I'd done a bit of research about freemasony -- most of which has vanished from my brain. Wingnut bro didn't even have the GOOD part of the conspiracy theory down! But I've always known he's an idiot. Sorry for the rant.)

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